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Is a full-service San Diego based company specializing in Interior Design and Feng Shui for both Residential and Commercial locations. We design and consult with your best intentions and needs in mind in order to create an environment that you truly enjoy spending time in! Our goal is to help our clients bring Balance, Tranquility and Harmony not only into their surroundings but also into their lives.

Interior Design Services

• Design Consultation & Space Planning

• Color Consultation

• Furniture/Accessory/Product Sourcing & Purchasing

• Drawings & Renderings

• Project Coordination & Management

• Design Implementation

• We work with Both Residential and Commercial

• Property Owners/Renters

• We can work with your Insurance Company,

• Investors Buying and Flipping Properties

• Property Management companies in need of property updates

Space Clearing

A space clearing and house/office blessing is a beautiful way to welcome in the New Year for your home/workplace and family/clients/employees! There is plenty of scientific evidence, which proves our emotions and thoughts have electrical frequencies. Science has proven different emotions have different vibrations. The stronger the emotion or thought the stronger the vibration. The perfect example of this, which you may have experienced before, is walking into a room where there has been an argument and the tension could be felt in the air upon entrance to the room.

Feng Shui

Home truly is where the heart is. That’s why it’s so important that your home is nurturing, supportive, safe and makes you feel like you’re getting a big hug when you walk in the door. No matter what’s going on in the world outside, once you step inside you should be completely relaxed and able to connect to body, mind and spirit. When you implement changes in your home, you will notice that your life is also transformed- instantly, dramatically and permanently. This is Feng Shui… Feng Shui is an ancient art and science dating back 4,000 years to Chinese philosophy and culture. 


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