Happy New Year 2016!!!!


1. Improves Your Attitude:Expressing gratitude makes you feel more positive and optimistic, which can reduce stress and help improve your overall mental fortitude.

2. Builds stronger relationships: A simple "thank You" lays the groundwork for a stronger relationship, whether you're expressing gratitude to a loved one or to a stranger. Saying 'thanks' is a way to acknowledge a person for their help, which encourages them to feel special.

3. Improves Your Mental Health:The next time you feel upset or frustrated, write down what you're thankful for. Studies show that expressing gratitude helps you to deal better with your emotions ...

The Hidden Cost of Doing It Yourself...

In todays' day and age of HGTV, Houzz, Pinterest and other DIY shows/sites, we surely can get lots of great creative ideas about small home projects. It's the big ones that you have to be careful about. You might think you're saving money but there are lots of hidden expenses that could result from tackling a job meant for a professional. I recently read an article on by Molly Triffin that I'd like to share with you. It went something like this...

Remodeling Your Home

"From turning an old door into a coffee table to creating mason jar light fixtures, Pinterest can inspire anyone’s inner Martha Stewart. But getting carried away with home improvement projects can backfire. &...

A Wonderful Gift of a Home & Community

In addition to my creative side I like to think of myself as being a peace-loving down-to-earth soul always looking for ways to make people happy. Yes, I admit it, I am a “People Pleaser”! But I get great satisfaction in giving from that altruistic place in my heart. It makes me happy too.

Following in my mothers’ footsteps I started volunteering for causes dear to my heart at a young age (from selling Happy Face buttons for Unicef when I was just 10 – raised over $100 – a lot back then! to walking and raising over $25k for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure the first year it was in San Diego!) Serving the homeless at St. Vincent de Paul and numerous other orga...